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  1. Sounds awesome, Y-San! Three questions though:

    1. For Ares's ability, does the player whose vote he redirected know? Does everyone else know?

    2. For Martian Manhunter's second ability, does he only know what players acted, or does he also know what they did? Also, how are redirects/manipulatations handled? For example, say A redirected B's action to C, and Martian Manhunter spied on C. Does he know anything about A? Ate there any actions that he will not know about? Such as information roles (like Black Canary's echolocation)?

    3. As I understand, Felix Faust's ability is to either RID manipulate a dead player, or to ask whether any one player is Man or Magic. Did I understand that correctly?


    P.S. Sorry, I can't use color, I'm on a phone


    1)  Nope, no one knows except Ares and, of course, the other villains by proxy ;).

    2)  He sees which players acted on his target, including information roles.  In your example he would be informed "Player B acted on your target".  He will not see non-targeted actions (i.e. Wonder Woman's ability or Zatanna's undo) or Day actions (i.e. Flash's message or Ares's ability).  Also, dead players can't be acted on, so he wouldn't see Faust's zombie manipulate.

    3)  Yep, basically.  I like to call it the "zombie manipulate" ;).  It was originally intended to allow one member of the mafia to take over another important mafia role, but I decided to beef the mafia up in this game so I made it so that he can manipulate any player he knows the RID of, except for Amazo and Hawkgirl.  Since dead players can't be acted upon unless otherwise specified, the zombie player is not subject to being blocked or redirected or a competing manipulate, or I guess the undo, for that matter.


    Don't worry about the color here, this is just a preview thread.  And keep the questions coming, I'm sure with so many action choices are like a number of possible interactions I haven't considered yet ^_^.

  2. researched to find the titles of the quotes solved and counted letters according to the blue numbers to come up with VERY TRULY Y(OURS?) IE.  Thus the thought that the final answer might be a VALEDICTION which sounded somewhat familiar/tonally sensible re Sherlock Holmes.


    Oh, I see ^_^.   Very nice :thumbsup:, but the last letter should be an A, not an E...


    ...resulting in another line from the canon as the answer, which I think you'll understand ;)


    Edit:  Nice job, everyone :D  

  3. Working copy of Rules and Roles for JLU2: Of Magic and Men.  Note that now most of the roles have some sort of choice in their action, to make the game more involved and interesting.  Comments welcome!  Also taking reservations.  Sign-ups will probably go up in ~2 weeks and game will begin the first week of September, hopefully.


    The 2nd Assemblage of Supervillains:
    (Have BTSC, choose one player each Night to carry out kill, and once in the entire game, may save one player from the lynch)

    Lex Luthor: (Man) A mere man, yet he earns the title of Superman’s greatest adversary for his intellect, ambition, and powers of manipulation. Each Night, he may control the actions of one player if he is able to correctly identify their role. Subject to all role restrictions (if he unknowingly breaks one of them or the player unknowingly breaks one of them due to having been manipulated, the player’s action will fail and he or they will be informed it failed). The player he is manipulating is subject to block/redirection. If he manipulates a role that receives information, he receives the information as well. The player he is manipulating is not informed they were manipulated. Cannot manipulate Amazo. If he manipulates the Flash or any Day action, must specify during the nth Night that he will use the action on the nth Day (and hence no other). He may choose the message targets during the Day.

    Ares: (Magic) The God of War, not at all bitter about the lack of worship to him in the present era *whistling*. Uses his powers to rile up his opponents against each other. Any Day, may select a player to change the vote of. As it is a Day action, it cannot be blocked or redirected, but can be manipulated.

    Solomon Grundy: (Magic) Undead zombie corpse of a mob boss, is short on wit but definitely not short on strength. Being undead, can only be killed at Night by the magic of Hawkgirl’s Nth metal mace and requires a majority of votes to lynch. Any Night, may use brute force to prevent a player from acting.

    Felix Faust: (Magic) An ancient sorcerer (yeah, we mean ancient) on a never-ending quest for mystical power. He may channel the spirits of the dead. Any Night, he may use the abilities of a dead player if he can correctly identify their role or choose a player and determine if they are magic or man. Cannot channel Amazo (being an android who doesn’t have a spirit to channel), or Hawkgirl (being from a different world whence her spirit will return to upon death). Subject to all role restrictions, which are reset upon the player’s death.

    The Independent:

    Amazo/Professor Ivo’s Android: (Man...kinda) An innovation creation by the late Professor that can replicate the abilities of the beings it comes in contact with. Each Night, it may choose one player to learn their role and abilities (this action cannot be blocked, but may be redirected). On the nth Night, it may also use n/2 (rounded down) of the abilities it has learned. Not subject to any role restrictions, except Lex’s RID manipulate. If he replicates Superman, he gains his invulnerability and susceptibility to krytonite. Invincible for first two Nights and Days. If blocked or redirected, each block or redirect will only affect one of his abilities.

    The Justice League:

    Superman/Clark Kent: (Man) Somebody save me...well, that’s what he’s here for. Each Night, may choose one player to save. Cannot save himself and cannot be saved. Due to his Kryptonian physiology, he cannot be killed at Night without the aid of kryptonite. However, since studies have linked prolonged exposure to kryptonite to cancer, no one carries it around with them, hence an attacker must return to their secret HQ to retrieve it, and cannot perform any other Night action in addition to the kill. Use of kryptonite must be specified with the kill, and cannot be used two Nights in a row.

    Batman/Bruce Wayne: (Man) The only JL member without superpowers, he is arguably the strongest due to his intelligence, discipline, and inner strength. Now comes equipped with his own trademarked utility belt! Any Night, may use an item on his belt, however, once the item is used, it will be gone and no longer available. If blocked, item is not used. Items on the belt (and their quantity):

    Batarangs (2): May use to injure a player and prevent them from acting.

    Grapple gun (1): May use to spirit himself and another player of his choosing out of danger (save).

    Line Launcher (1): May use to zip line a player away, saving them from the lynch.

    Cryptographic sequencer (1): May use to hack into a player’s computer and receive the same information they receive that Night.

    Smoke pellets (3): May use to disguise himself so that he may watch and find out the players who acted on his target.

    Tracers (3): May place on his target and find out who they acted on.

    Kryptonite (1): (In lead casing) His backup plan, just in case...

    Wonder Woman/Diana: (Magic) Themysciran Princess with power second to no man. Each Night, may use her lasso of truth to find the answer to one TRUE/FALSE question (PM’s question to host and host will answer TRUE/FALSE). Cannot be redirected. May not ask about pending actions.

    Flash/Wally West: (Man) Fastest man on earth...and, as Hawkgirl likes to point out...single. Uses his super-speed to ferry messages b/w roles. Each Day he may choose two roles, one to send, one to receive and the next Night the sender will be informed they may send a message and to which role. The receiver will not be informed of the sender’s role. As it is a Day action, it cannot be blocked or redirected, but can be manipulated.

    Green Lantern/John Stewart: (Man) Using his power ring as an extension of his will, he may choose to do one of the following actions each Night, not the same two Nights in a row: save, block, redirect. Cannot redirect a player to themselves. Cannot die as long as Hawkgirl is alive. If Hawkgirl dies, also gains the option to kill.

    Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol: (Magic) Her tongue being the only thing sharper than the spikes on her Nth metal mace, this Thanagarian dynamo may target one player any Night to kill with her weapon or she may choose a player to find out if they are magic or man using the magical properties of her weapon. May not choose the kill action two Nights in a row and may not target the same player two Nights in a row. Knows the identity of Green Lantern. Is revealed when she dies.

    Martian Manhunter/Jon Jones: (Man) Sole survivor of his species, each Night may use his telepathic abilities to delve into one player’s mind and redirect their action, or use his ability of invisibility to watch and learn which players acted on his target. Cannot redirect players to themselves. May not target the same player two Nights in a row.

    Zatanna Zatara/Herself: (Magic) uoy no lleps a tsac lliw ytuaeb reH. Each Night, my use her backwards magic to undo an action if she can predict it. Predictions must be in the form “[role A] [performs X action] on [player B]”. Applies to the action itself, not what the player intended, so includes actions that are being manipulated and/or redirected and is assessed after manipulation/redirection. Zatanna’s action itself cannot be redirected.

    Green Arrow/Oliver Queen: (Man) The world’s greatest archer...or so he likes to think. Always hits his target with deadly accuracy. Each Night, may choose a target and make their action unblockable and unredirectable, or choose a player to determine if they are Black Canary. If he finds Black Canary, gains BTSC with her. May not target the same player two Nights in a row.

    Black Canary/Dinah Lance: (Man...well, not really but you know…) Strong willed and skilled at judo, each Night, may use her canary cry to either incapacitate a player, preventing them from acting, or to echo-locate them and find out their target. May not target the same player two Nights in a row.

    Miscellaneous rules:

    Things that will appear in Night Post: Kills, successful saves (including undo’s), blocks. Kryptonite use will not be shown. Block on block will result in a canceling out of actions and will not be shown (observing roles will also not see anything happening). Everything else in the Night/Day Post is subject to creative license ;P.

    In the event of a tie: if the tie is due to use of Ares’s ability, no one dies. Otherwise, all tied players die and the last player(s) to add/remove/change their vote(s) to create the tie(s) dies.

    All “cannot be killed at Night”’s will appear as saves, from a saving role that is not shown as acting otherwise in the Night Post if possible, otherwise random, and all “cannot be lynched/saved from lynch/no one dies” will be indistinguishable.

    In case of loops: Manipulate>Redirect>Block

    In case of roles acting on the same player: Lex’s manipulate>Amazo using Lex’s manipulate, Amazo using any redirect>Martian Manhunter’s redirect>Green Lantern’s redirect, and of course, any block will prevent the player from acting.

    Redirect loops will be terminated on the first return, i.e. if A redirects a block to A, will show in the Night Post as A being blocked; if A redirects B’s redirect to A it will effectively block B’s redirect and nothing else will happen. Only the initial redirect target and action will be seen by observing roles, i.e. they will see A acted on B, but not B acted on A.

    Unless otherwise specified, role abilities (things that a role must actively choose to do, i.e. actions) can be blocked/redirected/manipulated/copied, but role attributes (i.e. passives) cannot.

    All actions are considered to be initiated at Night and ‘go through’ during the transition b/w Night and Day, so a player’s action will occur unless blocked or manipulated.

    Players will not be informed of the success/failure of their actions unless otherwise stated.

    Players are free to say whatever they wish in the thread as long as they do not make a false claim about the host or the rules. The host reserves the right to clarify any seeming misunderstanding about the rules.

    No reproduction of game related material from outside the game thread in the game thread.

    Please address your questions to the host in purple. Thanks!

  4. "The very first puzzle?" and observant agent remarked, when Orin shared his thoughts.  "You mean the number of letter in the name might match some clue?"


    Orin shook his head.  "No...I don't think it's the structure of the puzzle that seems familiar, but a particular device.  I was also thinking  that since the pictograms of the (+1) use the last names only, but the initials are for both the last name and first name, maybe the (+1) part is related to something to do with the first names?"

  5. The agents had made a complete assessment of the pictographs.  The indices still troubled them though.  The Witch was clever, but not that clever...perhaps a similar device had been seen...


    Orin frowned.  For some reason, this part reminded him of the very first puzzle the agents had had to solve.  He had started at the door for Max Planck, but the very first door from the left was the one for Richard Feynman.  And Janine's words rang in his head:  "...Looking at it backwards..."

  6. "Yeah...that sounds about right," Janine affirmed as Agent plasmid detailed the order he had found for the names.  "Hmm...I also remember them saying something about 'indices'..."


    Wraith nodded, starting to comprehend.  "Yes, the pictures with the (+1) coded the last names, but the plaques contain the initials for the first and last name, so maybe the (-1) will correspond to the..."


    "Oh!" Janine's exclamation in their heads made the agents jump.  "There was something else...one of the agents of Sector Nu was saying how it looked like gibberish, and another said something about 'looking at it backwards'..."

  7. As promised:



    1) Phil1882 (Neferpitou) - save Phil

    2) Framm18 (Killua) - save GM

    3) Flamebirde (Ant Queen) - kill Nana

    4) bonanova (Knuckle) - APR bonanova

    5) GMaster479 (Gon) - inactive

    6) Araver (Palm) - follow nana

    7) Nana77 (Shoot) - block GM


    1) Phil1882 (Neferpitou) - save Phil

    2) Framm18 (Killua

    3) Flamebirde (Ant Queen) - kill Phil

    4) bonanova (Knuckle) - APR araver

    5) GMaster479 (Gon) - araver, paper

    6) Araver (Palm) - follow flame

    7) Nana77 (Shoot)


    1) Phil1882 (Neferpitou) - no action

    2) Framm18 (Killua

    3) Flamebirde (Ant Queen) - kill GM

    4) bonanova (Knuckle) - APR phil

    5) GMaster479 (Gon) - bonanovapaper

    6) Araver (Palm)

    7) Nana77 (Shoot)



  8. Day 3

    The long reddish orange rays of the setting sun focused on the three figures, tugging anxiously at their shadows. The hot humid air was saturated with anticipation, and in the distance, but too far distant, a crow cawed and the sound echoed throughout the electric atmosphere. The figures themselves, however, were silent and still.

    Here they were, the final three. The last survivors of this bloody and brutal battle, this ritual of deception and detection that seven had originally begun in. One by one, the others had been taken down. Now it was just them, and the end was nigh.

    On one corner of the makeshift triangle stood Bonuckle, the last surviving Hunter, with his fists furled and stance firmly set, ready for the last brawl. The situation looked bad for him, but he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

    In another corner hunkered the Flaming Ant Queen, who had somehow made it to this point by the skin of its teeth, fighting tooth and nail for its victory and its legacy. Its eyes darted back and forth furtively between its two opponents, waiting for one of them to make a move.

    In the final corner, lounging and surveying the scene with seeming disinterest, was the independent minded Neferphilou. She rocked back and forth on its exoskeleton covered feet and hummed an eerily cheerful tune, and completely ignoring the little white object with the counter on its head that had at some point began following her.

    “Give it up,” the FAQ directed towards Bonuckle. “You know you can’t win, but do you really want that traitor, who has done nothing to deserve it, to win? Side with me against her, and I promise you I won’t kill you.”

    Bonuckle harumphed skeptically. “What reason do I have to believe you’ll keep your word? None, that’s what. Maybe I can’t win, but I definitely will not let you.”

    Philou laughed. “I don’t care what either of you do, I haven’t had to lift a finger this entire time, and I’m still going to win. Why don’t you two just kill each other and save me the trouble.” She yawned.

    “Why, you insolent…” the FAQ screeched and lunged at Philou, deadly feelers extended.

    Without even turning to look in the FAQ’s direction, Philou hopped up, out of the way of the attack, and landed soundlessly back down a few feet away.

    Bonuckle took the opportunity to make his move, channeling his en into his fist and launching a powerful attack at the FAQ while it was off balance. The FAQ, still reeling, managed to move out of the way to the right...but not enough. The nen-enhanced punch tore off part of her torso on the left side. The FAQ screamed and writhed in agony.

    “Heh,” bonuckle grinned smugly. “That’s one down, one more to…”

    But before he could finish the thought he felt a sharp jolt of pain.. He looked down at his chest, bewildered, and found part of Philou’s hand sticking out of it. Jerkily, he twisted his neck around to look into the face of his attacker. “I can’t...believe…”

    “What, did you think I wasn’t going to kill you just because I didn’t have to? I don’t kill because I have to...I kill because I can, because you creatures are all inferior and don’t deserve to live.” Philou scoffed.

    “Mm...noo…” bonuckle coughed and tried to shake his head. His eyes began to grow dull and weary. “That’s...not...what…” Blood gushed out of the corners of his mouth and his body began to quake. “I can’t believe...you…” Suddenly a light sparked back into his eyes and he grinned, a bloody, half-mad grin. “...fell for it.”

    Philou had only a millisecond to realize what was happening before the bomb inside the Hunter, connected to bonuckle’s heartbeat, detonated.



    It had been 6 months since the bomb had gone off that had laid waste to most of the Republic of East Brainden. It had been said that the area had been mostly unpopulated by then, seeing as how the residents that had not mysteriously disappeared had made the intelligent choice of relocating to not share their countrymen’s fate, whatever it may have been.

    After the explosion, people had stayed clear of the area, hearing that the residue was probably poisonous. But now that the authorities on such matters had deemed the levels of toxicity safe for brief periods of exposure, the opportunists, the ones desperate for fame and/or power, and the archaeologically minded had formed an expedition into the ruins of that territory.

    As the ragtag group ventured into where the heart of the destruction had been, they were careful to move slowly, meticulously checking the readings on their various instruments and the radiation level indicators that they wore. As they progressed without incident, they began to relax a little, and murmurings of conservation started between their number.

    “It’s not as bad as I thought it would be,” a squat man with a receding hairline asserted to the tall, attractive woman in glasses walking next to him. “I mean, I’ve seen much worse and gotten through it. There was that one time…”

    The woman, who had been nodding politely, not really listening, abruptly stopped, eyes gaping. “Whaaaa...what’s that…?” she stammered and pointed.

    The man frowned at being interrupted, but turned to see what the woman was gesturing at. The others in the group had also diverted their attention to the spectacle.

    Something had began rising from the debris, and odd form, badly burnt. As it reached its full height, the expedition noted that its form seemed somewhat humanoid, with the incinerated remains of what appeared to be arms hanging off what they recognized as a torso, and standing, shakily, on what could be considered legs.

    “Is it alive? Can it talk?” the group began to ask each other after recovering from their initial shock.

    The follically challenged man glanced at the woman, then, puffing up his chest, stepped forward towards the entity. This is quite a discovery! He thought greedily. I’ll be famous, more famous than that pretty boy detective who all the women go gaga for...

    “Hello! We are the expeditionary team sent by the Inter-Brainden Relations Commitee,” he accosted, standing on a mound of debris in front of it. “Are you alright? Can we help you in any way?”

    The creature - it was a creature, they now realized - turned its gaze up at the man. “Yesss…” its voice came weakly as a low hiss.

    The man turned back to his party, giving them a smile that was reassuring and just a little smug. “Well, then,” he crooned, turning back to his prize, “what can we do for you…”

    As the words left his mouth, he noticed something odd. He seemed to be in the wrong place, i.e. he wasn’t where he thought he’d be…? Well, his body was where it should be, he knew that, he could see it...wait it minute...why could he see so much of his own body?

    His shriek froze in his severed vocal cords as the last remnants of electrical activity faded from his head, which was now a significant distance from the rest of him.

    The rest of his party screamed and began to run wildly in different directions.

    The creature straightened up and the dessicated gap which had been its mouth opened and a wrinkled tongue protruded to lick off the blood on its paws. Feeling a little better, it grinned down at the silly man’s head. “What you can do for me?” Philou repeated in an amused tone. “You can die for me.”

    Congratulations, phil (and plasmid as proxy), technically, you win!
    A great final play by bonanova, but the thing with last minute plays is that you really have to get the timing correctly. As said by Shakespeare (or Christopher Marlow, depending on your argument ;)): "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late."
    Good game play by flamebirde too, you managed to convince enough of the innocents of your "innocence" to get them to lynch their own save and the one innocent who had everything figure out :lol:.
    Speaking of which, a big hand of applause for Araver, who played his role perfectly and did a great job of observing and deducing. If only he could have convinced the rest of the innocents about what they needed to do :(.
    And good job to everyone else too, I don't have specifics since most of the rest didn't live long enough to have done anything particularly noteworthy, but everyone gave the game the effort they could, and overall it was a pretty interesting game ^_^.
    It's getting late here, and I've been having formatting issues with the action list this entire game, so I'll just leave the unformatted roster here and I'll get the action list up tomorrow for those who care/are curious.
    Player Role

    1) Phil1882 Neferpitou
    2) Framm18 Killua
    3) Flamebirde Ant Queen
    4) bonanova Knuckle
    5) GMaster479 Gon
    6) Araver Palm

    7) Nana77 Shoot
    Thanks for playing! Hope to see you in my next game!
  9. He flips his coin, and ... it ... stands on edge.

    1) Phil1882 {APR 1} -voting for flame

    2) Framm18 - DEAD [Killua] lynched

    3) Flamebirde - voting for Phil

    4) bonanova - voting for bonanova

    5) GMaster479 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

    6) Araver - DEAD [Palm] lynched

    7) Nana77 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

    Timestamp: 9:01

    Day Post coming, might be a while ;)

  10. Chairman: Yoruichi-san


    1) Phil1882 {APR 1} -voting for flame
    2) Framm18 - DEAD [Killua] lynched
    3) Flamebirde - voting for Phil
    4) bonanova - voting for Flame
    5) GMaster479 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

    6) Araver - DEAD [Palm] lynched

    7) Nana77 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

  11. Night 3

    Slivers of silver moon peaked out from behind wispy clouds, softly illuminating the figure who levitated in the street, waiting for Gmaster.

    The creature seemed to have a human body, which wore black slacks and a wrinkle-free dress shirt, tucked in at the waist. However, it also had antennas and a pair of large, colorful, translucent butterfly wings, from which sparkling particles seemed to emanate.

    “So the Ant Queen only sent one to take care of me? Are you sure that’s going to be enough?” Gmaster taunted his opponent.

    The creature laughed, a high, tinkling sound. “Foolish human, you have no clue, do you? I am not a pedestrian ant soldier, I am Shaiapouf, of the Royal Guard,” he declared, chest puffing. “And I was not sent by anyone. Our King’s birth is imminent, and I volunteered to come myself to make certain that nothing interferes with that glorious occasion. And you must be disposed of.”

    “Well, you can try…” Gmaster crouched back into a martial arts stance.

    Shaiapouf came flying at his prey, fists formed into sharp points that could penetrate a man’s heart.

    Gmaster adeptly pivoted out of the way, and readied his counterattack: a flying side kick to the back of Pouf’s antennaed head.

    But Pouf was too fast, sensing Gmaster’s en and dodging with ease. He paused, mid-air, then swooped back around to make another run at his target.

    Again Gmaster dodged, but this time he noticed his limbs moving a bit slower. He wondered at it for only a moment as he turned his attention back to make a second counterattack.

    This trend continued for several more attacks, which seemed to Gmaster an eternity, but in reality lasted no more than a few minutes. Finally, Pouf attacked, and Gmaster found himself unable to clear the assault in time. Pouf’s hand sliced through Gmaster’s shoulder.

    In agony and a little woozy, Gmaster turned...just in time to see Pouf’s shining eyes as the hand plunged into his heart. “What...what...happened?” he choked, blood filling his lungs.

    Pouf smirked. “My wings emit a spore which paralyze the victim. I had not been seriously trying to attack you in the beginning, I was distracting you whilst disseminating my spores around you.”

    “We...we’re in trouble…” were Gmaster’s last words.

    Chairman: Yoruichi-san


    1) Phil1882 {APR 0}
    2) Framm18 - DEAD [Killua] lynched
    3) Flamebirde
    4) bonanova
    5) GMaster479 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

    6) Araver - DEAD [Palm] lynched
    7) Nana77 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

    (For those of you who didn't get such epic death scenes: sorry, it's not personal, I just had some free time today at work and decided to dig back into my creative writing side.)

    Day 3 starts now, ends at 9PM CST tomorrow 7/22!

  12. Have you ever had a moment where you felt something inside you click? Where you had an epiphany, or saw the world in a new light? A moment that firmly steered, pushed, or pulled you onto a new path, a path you were not aware of, or perhaps a path you never even knew existed before? That, without that moment, you would definitely be the same person you are today?

    My clearest memory of a defining moment is from when I was around 10. I did a lot of math competitions when I was a kid. I was fine taking the actual test but would get super nervous during the awards ceremony, desperately wanting to please my very Asian parents (but that's a whole other can of worms).

    This one year, at the state level competition, they called the top 10 finalists in each category up to the stage as usual, and then started announcing the awards from position 10 up, also as usual. I was super nervous (also as usual), and if I remember correctly, I did pretty well that year in that category, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

    As I was coming down the steps from the stage (which were a deep blue...funny how you remember details of important moments), a lady came up to me and was like "Congratulations! It was so good to see a girl up there."

    At that moment, I realized something I hadn't noticed b/c I had been so nervous, that I had been the only female finalist in the top 10. In that moment, I found something, even though I didn't realize it at the time. I found a reason for me to try to achieve, to try to be the best I could be, not for me, not even for my parents >.<, but for all the people who thought girls were inferior to boys in math, in science, in life, in everything.

    As I grew and matured, that motivation stuck, helped me to push myself past what others and even myself conceived to be my limits, helped me to see past the paths that society tries to put people on, to find my own way, or at least be brave enough to try. It helped me to keep trying to be my best after eventually got over my need for my parents' approval (thankfully), to not go and do crazy things (well, except maybe mafia ;P) that might ruin my life even when I felt lost and confused and depressed.

    I mean, I'm definitely not perfect, but I feel like the things I like most about myself, my inner strength, my will, my warrior's spirit, would not have been engendered without that moment. That moment truly created something special :).

    Anyways, that's enough about me. Looking forward to hearing some of what makes other Braindenizens tick.

  13. Day 2

    The flames of the villagers’ torches flickered in the dusty twilight as they gathered around Araver, who was affixed to a giant wooden stake surrounded by dry twigs and hay.

    “No!” he cried, “You must listen to me, I have seen it, seen it all…”

    But his pleas fell on deaf ears. One of villagers tossed his torch into the pyre, setting the whole thing aflame.

    “Don’t, this is madness, madness!” Araver’s voice choked up with the smoke rising from the fire. “Madness, please, madness...hahahaha...I know, I see...the grand plan...it’s clear…” his voiced cracked as the fumes traveled into his brain. “Hahahahaha….ahhhhhhhhhh!”

    The villagers watched silently as the flames consumed him, body and mind.

    Chairman: Yoruichi-san


    1) Phil1882
    2) Framm18 - DEAD [Killua] lynched
    3) Flamebirde
    4) bonanova
    5) GMaster479

    6) Araver - DEAD [Palm] lynched
    7) Nana77 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

    Night 3 starts now, ends 9PM CST tomorrow 7/21!

  14. Bringing around current roster:

    Chairman: Yoruichi-san


    1) Phil1882
    2) Framm18 - DEAD [Killua] lynched
    3) Flamebirde - voting for araver
    4) bonanova- voting for araver
    5) GMaster479 - voting for araver
    6) Araver {APR 1} - voting for Flame
    7) Nana77 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen

    Less than 2 hours left in the Day.

  15. To make it clear I'm gonna re-ask the host so that there's no misunderstanding:

    1. Since I was APR-ed N2 and voted D2, will I get APR +2 at the end of D2?

    2. If I act during N3 will I get APR +1=3, hence die at the end of N3?

    3. If I don't act during N3 and even if I don't vote during D3, will I get APR +1=3, hence die at the end of D3?

    1) Yes.

    2) Yes, unless Knuckle removes the APR or dies.

    3) Yes.

    About 6 more hours left in the Day.

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