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Status Updates posted by Yoruichi-san

  1. *Checks* yep, still enigmatic

  2. Happy B-day! We've missed in the world of Mafia ;P

  3. Haha! Funny thing is...after he killed you...I knew it was Sinistral ;P

  4. Hey...it's okay, we all have bad days XP...I hope you'll feeling better now though...

  5. Haha...if you played Mafia, you would understand the need for anonymity ;P

    Loved your spiral puzzle btw :D

  6. Hey! Glad to see you're back...and you can have GC's place in DNM...;P

  7. Hey, I know you're probably busy, but just letting you know that you're welcome in DNM if you're interested ;P...

    Oh, and it seems that I've gotten myself a ratings saboteur as well >.>

  8. Well, *I* stand in awe of your gutsiness! ;)

  9. Lol...sorry, I thought you might be someone else...but I figured out who he really was...;P

    Was sincere about wishing you well, though!

  10. Lol...I just sympathize with it...

    No, I don't watch Numb3rs but they shot scenes at my school...

  11. Hi, and welcome! I can tell already that you're going to be a great addition to the BD population! ;)

  12. Good luck on your exams! Make sure you don't write "voting for" by your name...;P

  13. Lol...get on AIM and I'll explain it...;P

  14. I'm not going to reveal it publicly...but the Hunter has left some clues on Bodhi's profile...;P

  15. Alright, I'm 99% sure I've figured out the true identity of the culprit...;P


  16. Haha...youthinks wrong! Not guilty...:P

    But Detective Y-san does have 2 suspects in mind who are currently under questioning...-\-/

  17. Hey, hope things are going well for you! Reached Enlightenment yet? ;P

  18. *Cough* Blindfold??? XP

  19. Haha...and I wish I wasn't dead...;P

  20. Get your inactive butt over to ABR2 before you die! ;P

  21. Lol...for once your neck wasn't on the lynching block...just in the alchemist circle...;P

  22. A little late, but thanks for playing! You did well for your first time! And your ghost post was awesome :D.

  23. Yeah...I was lonely too when I was dead...since Dawh *doesn't* talk to himself in the forum...;P

    Anyways, great game, played very sneakily and cleverly as usual...I have an interesting role for you picked out...hehe...

  24. Ahh...but that's the key question...am I alive or dead?

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