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  1. It's seems like your dear cricket has been duped GC :(. That Stanford fellow committing Global Fraud... just with things looking so bright and shiny these days. At least India weren't affected (as far as I know...).

  2. I see you're online... first time in a while. Welcome back from your short sabbatical :).

  3. Happy Birthday bonanova... your puzzles are without question my favourite here on BD, and hopefully some day I'll be able to solve some :) hopefully there's plenty more.

  4. See you've changed your title to 'Circolo' what does it mean? :)

  5. I obviously shouldn't have underestimated your love of the AC's.. ;) they're great!

  6. Thanks man! PG's refreshments were mmm thanks for convincing her :). Prepare to go down in Frost's Heroes Game! :P:P

  7. Thanks! :D you should check out The Last Shadow Puppets, i think u'd like them :)

  8. I love the Arctic Monkeys :D

  9. It means Friend/Dude/Mate in Irish lol :D

  10. I like ur personal statement... i rated you 5* just for it :)

  11. Haha phaze you've created mayhem in Affinion 7! Good job! :D

  12. GC am just starting to read Dicken's "Bleak House" its excellent! Have you read "The Woman in White?" it's great too, especially if you like Dickens! :D just thought i would let u no... :P

  13. Thanks! Shame about dying though... Was that for the 2nd place?

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