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  1. A Moored Riddle

  2. The Lying Truth

    Hello PG been a while..
  3. This reminds me or that question, "What is the ideal government?" Many people mention that a "benevolent dictator" or "good king" would be the best, but that is very subjective depending on what you mean by "best". Maybe fast acting but certainly hit or miss. Anarchies tend to slip into might-equals-right situations; where the rich, powerful or just the most ruthless end up running the show. An informed democracy would be just as utopian. The best kind of government should barely be felt in my opinion (so it feels like anarchy but it isn't): trash gets picked-up the trains run on time etc. A bad government would be merely ineffectual, a worse one would be inifectual and intrusive. "Communist Governments" were actually bureaucracies or oligarchies with communism being the economic system. There are plenty of social democracies in Europe, with democratically elected goverments that apply a socalist economy. That, to me, is best. The government (theoretically) looks out for the little guy (because the big guy doesn't need help) by providing networks of social support.
  4. Evidence of God's Design

    I will bite on this. This is why evolution is such an amazing process. It is very simple...take random mutations over many generation, apply natural selection (an un-random act of letting those that are unfit die) and you can achieve extreme complexity in a relatively short amount of time. The brain is a perfect example of this. It looks exactly like you would expect if it had evolved in fits and starts not as if it was designed by an intelligent creator. There are many parts of the brain that are not very efficient but they work good enough. That is all that evolution cares about. There is a book called Cludge which explains the evolution of the brain better than I can. Complexity = God is not a very good analogy. In nature you find things that are incredibly complex, which is what you would expect to find if things evolved incrementally over time, without fore-though or intelligence, operating on the principals of natural selection. The entire concept of complexity or chaotic systems arising from very simple rules is the basis of evolution and even most of science. It was revolutionary in its time and seems counter intuitive to many people even today.
  5. Nope.
  6. 15. Yes 8. Yes 11. Yes 14. No, but you get bonus points for that. I was wondering when you would reply to this puzzle. As usual you have made significant progress. Just one left! 14. pineslug
  7. already guessed your first. It's sort of close but there is another answer. I like where you are going, but no to both.
  8. 1. plugsteam - 2. hoodnasty - 3. padsquip - 4. farmode - 5. visiblerage 6. sagescool - 7. cheatsclan - 8. lilteddames 9. thuscoopcap 10. popsmockery - 11. bootstumble* 12. presentlypresent - 13. banpunctual - 14. pineslug *Bonus points to Only five left! Has anyone found the Easter egg?
  9. 4. Yes! 8. Sorta fits, but not it. 9. On the right track, but not the answer.
  10. Sorry, no.
  11. 5. Nope. 7. Yes. 13. Yes. 14. No. You're doing good!
  12. That's the one! Here are the standings so far: 1. plugsteam - 2. hoodnasty 3. padsquip - 4. farmode 5. visiblerage 6. sagescool - 7. cheatsclan 8. lilteddames 9. thuscoopcap 10. popsmockery - 11. bootstumble 12. presentlypresent - 13. banpunctual 14. pineslug
  13. Yea! That is it.