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  1. NEED HELP SOLVING!!! Assume N38 5A.BCD W074 5E.FGH Once upon a time in the Beautiful Town of Cape May,some Evil Genius placed a puzzle cache that was super difficult Some Would Say..No where in his Wildest Dreams did he imagine it would still be unfound today,as I put out this Sequel that will cause more Head Banging and signs of Dismay..Approaching the Anniversary he just couldn't Bare The Thought,to not Carry On Tradition that may get some cacher's Frustrated or Distraught..Did he really feel the need to Show Discipline or just gets an Evil Grin or Giggle from the Gossip and Silent Violin..As Crazy as this must Sound,the solve is meant to be,the Seed doesn't Fall far from the Evil Kenevel Apple Tree..All I Need is to find a way to get into that Evil mind or take a look at it later when I'm not feeling so Blind..I'm guessing you sure have to be some kind of Special to crack these Sneaky Tricks or get behind the mind set of being Semi Evil or Super Slick..You Already Know this isn't no Easy walk in the park,you may have better luck walking backwards,Blindfolded in the Dark..Why even torture yourself,just throw it in the more later and never look back,that's me doing you a Huge Favor..This is your Final Warning so take it with Grace or take it Slow and Steady,that's what win's the turtle race..There is no Rush,no $100 bills or pot of Gold,but by the looks of the Original just a log to sign that's looking Antique and Old..Absolutely no Nonsense,that's keeping it Real,no hints,no coordinate passing or spoilers,that is the Deal..Until next time,Good Bye,Farewell and Goodnight,don't let the Puzzle Monster's eat your brain up tonight.. Byq Qbt jvgu arj gevpxf sbetrg jung lbh gubhtug lbh rire xarj 008912674801656291047200174021739013917346286347637563756 592376461964612916469104619364191064091649016490164091640 642001646781061338640187365637251893464916916341541015641 9H6K4F9IW6L2G6P 6D8U3A7K4D9C5M4 02P6S7O9J6H7S9E SIX,TEN,SEVENTEEN,EIGHTY FOUR,ONE THREE,THIRTEEN,FOUTY FOUR,FIFTY ONE,SEVEN TWO,NINETEEN,SWENTY FOUR,SIXTY ONE,TEN
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