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  1. I just found the answer (gotta admit, by partly brute forcing it.):
  2. A Riddle from a video game, that should have two letters as an answer. I cannot figure it out, and thereby I am stuck in the game The following story should be a journey in the shape of two letters: I started on a continent where the days are as dark as the nights and travelled north until I reached the land of the rising sun, from where I followed a fateful path which led to US involvement in the second world war. I then swiftly changed direction until I reached the coldest palace in Europe. I had a break for several months, but thanks to some guy called Lenin I decided to get out of there. I then traveled to the sea of one thousand and one nights, and upon reaching the waters follow the route of the spice merchant in reverse. When I reached the islands of glass and lace, I then finished my journey at the star of Africa. I already tried some different things, but no luck. If you have an answer that you think is correct, I will try it in the game and if we solved it, I'll answer the question with spoiler tags.
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