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  1. Hello, I am gifting my nephew a gift card in a puzzle box that requires a 5-letter answer to unlock. I've looked up some riddles online that fit the bill, but wanted to create something unique so he wouldn't be able to solve it instantly based on past internet searches (I did this to him a couple years ago with a 3-letter puzzle box riddle so he may be curious). Here's what I've got: There are many of me, yet you have only 1. Replace 1 of my letters to groom yourself. Replace 1 of my letters to show you are humiliated. Remove my first 2 letters and I am a human animal. Remove my 2nd and 5th letters for a sweet treat. What am I? I don't know how to hide an answer in this forum that can be revealed by hovering over it/clicking on it, so I'll omit it for now. Will reply later with the answer if it's not figured out soon. I'm very much open to editing or replacing this riddle entirely - just wanted to get other people's takes on this first. Thank you for your advice!
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