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  1. plasmid - Your observation is correct, with the added issue of having to select the first row from which to solve the puzzle manually. However, I suspect that by creating the AllSolutions structure, that multiple iterations should not be needed. However, as stated previously, there is a step/process missing from my solution. Also note that if the main algorithm were to be repeated again, I seriously doubt that the answer would change...
  2. Plasmid, Thanks for the reply. Please note that, at best, I am a hobbyist, so I am not sure if my code meets your need for ‘an algorithm’. I have attached my code – not too much of it. I have also attached the input file for a particular game. In this case, the game is from the cited app, difficulty ‘hard’, puzzle number 1. Here are some more comments about the code: Structure AllSolutions – a large array with every possible solution Structure gboard – an array the size of the puzzle that shows what is still there Description of code Lines 57-109: read in t
  3. Just for fun, I have been trying, far less than successfully, to write a program to solve Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzles, see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rottzgames.logic. I code the board as layers, columns, and items. Each rule is them translated into two layer/item pairs; for example, a textual rule can become 1C-4B. The program I have written properly executes all of the games ‘rules’ and it also looks for a single item on a layer and recognizes that that must be the item in the column in which it appears. In fact, for one super simple game, my program actually
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