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  1. 3 friends spent the nite drinking to celebrate their reunion. They then decided to share a hotel room. The clerk charged them $30 Total and gave them a room on the third floor. After they went up to their room, the desk clerk realized today was to be a Special Price of $27 total . So instead of costing them $30 ea., it was supposed to be $25 total. He asked the bellboy to return $5 to the customers. On the way up to their room, the bellboy decided to only return $3 of the $5 for easier calculation by the customer, so instead of costing them $30 ($10 ea.) , it now cost them $27 ($9 ea.). So if the price dropped from $10 ea.($30 total) to $9 ea. ($27 total) and the bellboy kept $2 for himself, what happened to the other $1?
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