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  1. Her, because it's capital?
  2. Memory/Past Everyone has it but it's not the same for everyone. It can be written in paper and whoever gets past his past grows up.
  3. Firstly, you get burried in so much gold you go to the hospital injured. Then you are surrounded by paparazzi asking you how you got your money and you lose your private life. Life also gets deathly boring as you have everything you ever wished comes true and you have nothing to work for or to accomplish. Don't worry though, it gets worse. You're so wealthy and have so many trillion dollars that you start spending it or giving it all mindlessly to other people/charities which eventually leads to hyperinflation, meaning prices go up because there is too much money in the economy. Soon enough, m
  4. A helicopter? It has no wheels, so it can't walk. It has to keep moving its propellers to fly so it can't soar.
  5. 1. A loan (you can get it back later) 4. An umbrella 5. A mystery
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