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  1. the armor/bullet thing is about sticks n stones. words only scar if they weigh within truth. but since our society is greedy and violent... truck bed liner actually was proven to be practically blast proof if applied to a building. at least within their scale modeling. mjolnir was the hammer which could only be wielded if the sentient alloy it was comprised of deemed them worthy to have its accompaniment. this hammer. Excalibur was a similar type weapon from mythos forged by dwarves at the request of Loki, whom also had an enchantment sta
  2. Connor mcleod of the clan mcleod. Highlander. There can be only one Or the character played by trebeks nemesis... Taking ape molehill for 100 alex... Bwahahahah
  3. A bible. You swear upon it hence shaking hands.
  4. not a who, rather a what... the RAZOR shaves the barber, as well as all the rest. no razor/Razer/raiser/razier shall touch my head... so, be phonecian and linguistically intelligent. illusion, elusion, allusion... they sound similar yet mean VERY MUCH non similar subjects
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