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  1. Back again for those I've met, Can't remember, do not fret, Although I wear a different mask, I bring for you another task, If this be our first time meeting, Let me start here with a greeting, Hi, Riddle is my name, And who I am is the game, Riddle me this: I am somewhere to each, To all I am out of reach,One line on paper is all I need, On a map this won’t do indeed, Many will go beyond their own, And those that did shall have grown, What or Who am I ?- Now go forth and find the answer, Before I become a private dancer, I really don't know what to say, So I’ll inhale mosquito spray, Line 2 and 4 were just to rhyme, 4 o'clock will be the time, At which there is a winner, Who will have a chocolate dinner, May the Force live long and prosper!
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