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  1. On 6/27/2019 at 6:33 PM, bonanova said:

    The gun’s owner did the deed. Implied but not stated.

    But unless the problem has been edited, it is stated:  "along with the fatal gun that belonged to one of them ... the murderer." But not absolutely necessary for the solve.


  2. I've been playing around with puzzle geocaches for awhile, now, on a fb page dedicated to them. Someone asked for help on one that was a logic problem.  HEAVEN!!!! Another poster said it sounded like Einstein's riddle, which I'd never heard of. So of course I googled it, and solved it in less than an hour. But one of the listings that came up in the google search was BrainDen.  Two puzzles later, I'm hooked.

    So, what are the reputation points all about?

  3. Spoiler

    Once I realized the sequences continued around corners, I recognized long sequences repeated over & over. I found one that matched the sequence coming from a blank, and looked to see what came immediately before it.  Actually, I rewrote the graph first, substituting numbers for the symbols to make it easier to recognize patterns.  I'm a numbers person.

    Interested in hearing your explanation, though. I learn by seeing from others' perspective.



  4. flamebirde, sorry to have spoiled your fun. I'm new to this site, and didn't notice I had to hit the eye in order to hide my answer. Please forgive a newbie.


    flamebirde, a few things right off:

    III & VI differ only on #9 (hence rocdocmac's having VI repeat one answer.) Since they both got 7 right, both missed #9.

    II & III agree on 7 questions.  5 of these must be right. ( If only 4 were right, III must have gotten the remaining 3 right, leaving II with only 4.)

    III, then, must have gotten 2 of the remaining 3 right.

    In the sense of fair play, I used only the original clues; however, as a shortcut,  looking at your previous answer, you differed from III only in that you switched #8 & #9, dropping your score to 6. Therefore, III got one of those right & one wrong. Since we've already seen that they got #9 wrong, their #8 is correct.

    On looking at your work, I noted:

    On 8/7/2019 at 12:17 AM, flamebirde said:

    E, A, and B must all fit in 5, 8, or 9. Otherwise, the score would be out of necessity lower than 7 (it would have to be 6 or lower).

    This is where you went wrong, and not exactly  sure how you arrived at that one. Happy puzzling!



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