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  1. Ask the first man "if he is a man." If the answer is no then he is a liar. If the answer is yes he’s either a truth teller or Mister random so you ask the 2nd man "are you a man?" If the answer is no he is the liar. If the answer is yes then the 3rd man is the liar. Now that you know who the liar is you ask the liar while pointing to one of the other 2 men "is this man the truth teller?" If he says yes then that man is Mister random. However if the answer is no then that man is the truth teller.
  2. Left side Right side 1-5 A1 in 6-10 B1 in 6-35 A1 toast 11-40 B1 toast 36-38 A flip 41-45 B out 39-68 A2 toast 46-50 C in 69-74 A out 51-80 C1 Toast 75-79 B2 in 81-83 C flip 80-109 B2 toast 84-113 C2 toast 110-114 B out 114-116 C out Manual operations must not overlap.
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