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  1. My bad, but you missed 4 ( just to add )
  2. How is the chance 50% for 2nd precious if precious is picked in this case.....
  3. We are in a TV game. We have 8 same looking boxes, each of which has 2 pebbles. Each pebble could be either precious or not precious. We choose a box and the host, without looking inside the box, pulls out a pebble. It comes out to be precious. The TV host then declares that we have exactly 50% chance that the 2nd pebble inside the box is precious, too. If we know that, in the beginning of the game, the count of precious pebbles is no less than the count of not precious pebbles, which of the statements MUST be true? We assume that the TV host knows the pebbles distribution in the boxes - i
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