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  1. Yes , I see that some of the permutations do not show up. Thanks!
  2. If there is a word , then will swapping 2 adjacent letters at the beginning of string will give me a new word (not necessarily a meaningful word) and then swapping the next 2 letters will give me a new word. After switching the last 2 letters , we go back to the beginning of the word and continue. example: If the word is ABCCD , it becomes BACCD , then BCACD , BCCAD, BCCDA, then CBCDA and so on .. Ignoring the swapping of the same two letters (like BCCDA) , will this algorithm give me all the words of all permutations ? I Tried for few number of letters and it works , but I want to know how to prove for any no. of letters. I have no idea how to prove it , it seems to work . By the way ,it is not a puzzle .
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