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  1. I found this way late in the game, but this puzzle makes no sense. If we are to assume that some people are married or single, then are we also to assume that the word "house" means the same thing as the word "apartment"? I found this puzzle a few years ago and forgot about it until I found it today. I assumed that Adams cannot be the third baseman because he lives in a house while the 3B lives in an apartment. I got online to search for the answer because, of course, the puzzle is not solvable. It seems that Sports Illustrated first published it in 1959 and reposted it online. It then apparently went viral. One thing I can say is that any site that has this puzzle posted has people discussing it and everyone agreeing with each other, the same as in this forum, that Adams is the 3B. Not a single person has questioned the difference in residence type. This is the worst puzzle for someone like me because little clues like that are usually given to help answer the puzzle.
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