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  1. Nikyma

    Yay! That's my favorite one on here. I love that song.
  2. Nikyma

    but as always.....great puzzles....thanks for making them. YES! Thank you! Sorry about the early morning cheese.
  3. Nikyma

    Nope that's not the one. Definitely high cheese factor though, wish I'd thought of it.
  4. Nikyma

    You forgot your spoilers again. You're too young, this puzzle is for causing revulsion in people in there 30's.
  5. Nikyma

    That's the one. You might be able to sue your doctor for that. Can't sue me though, I used a disclaimer.
  6. Edit: nevermind, missing a letter
  7. Nikyma

    Well thank you. And likewise, your puzzles rock!
  8. Nikyma

    It's kinda like a train wreck...horrible and sad, but you can't seem to stop looking.
  9. Nikyma

    LOL, even I won't go there! No, it's wrong...and now it's stuck in your head. Wanna borrow a drill?
  10. Nikyma

    Not cheesy enough, this could be the most painfully cheesy one on here.
  11. Nikyma

    HAHAHAHAHA...too funny. My deepest apologies.
  12. Nikyma

    What a horrible theme, I'm ashamed of myself. I'm imagining denizans everywhere holding their heads and screaming "STOP THE MUSIC"....except d3k3 of course, he's whistling along.
  13. Nikyma

    Got it! Seems like we've found the right music genre for you to play along....hehehehe
  14. Nikyma

    Just two to go. Let me know if you need hints. 1. slender appendage as well as the lot 8. Where the violinist likes to be
  15. Nikyma

    That's it. But hey, at least I'm not costing you money. No one wants these on their ipod.
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