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  1. What's left:

    #4 One devise exist yonder

    #6 Promenade indium passages

    #9 Orb bid abstract entity timber pitter-patter

    #10 Salute

    #11 Present dated courage belonging to me

    #13 Scarsely my phantasm

    #15 Shall we procure something along

    #19 One keeps another suspended

  2. HA HA HA it's really ok.

    Great puzzle by the way....

    I really do love that classic R&B/Soul music... I've been trying to build up that part of my library lately... this is giving me more inspriation. :)

    With your prowess in solving this one, I'd guess it will be a great collection.

    Glad you're enjoying it.

  3. Yeah... I kinda figured... but I've got no idea what "Opucate" means...

    Anyway, one more before I stop hogging this one

    18. Emporium circumference - Shop Around (again SR and the Miracles, I think)

    Very clever with that one. :)

    Got it, andromeda had it already; but I'm betting you guys aren't looking at each other's answers.

    That was one of my favorites too.

  4. 1. Gratify male bundle bearer - Please Mr. Postman

    2. Affection resembles warm ripple - Love is like a Heat Wave

    3. Double negative elevation lofty suffice - Aint No Mountain High Enough

    4. One devise exist yonder

    5. You've really got a hold on me - ???

    6. Promenade indium passages

    7. Opucate ennead

    8. Block dwelling - Brick house

    9. Orb bid abstract entity timber pitter-patter

    10. Salute

    11. Present dated courage belonging to me

    12. Fellow live the fair weather within my vivacity - You are the Sunshine of my life

    13. Scarcely my phantasm

    14. Discharge from a buffoon - Tears of a Clown

    15. Shall we procure something along

    16. Possessed young woman

    17. Infant Adoration - Baby love

    18. Emporium circumference

    19. One keeps another suspended - Keep Me hangin' on

    20. Endorsed plastered rendered - Signed, Sealed, Delivered

    All correct. B))

  5. Could #18 be


    shop around? - and there are 4-5 different artists, bands that have a song with that title!

    That's the song.

    Looking for Motown artists in this puzzle. Get it? Mo music....I crack me up! :lol::lol::D

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