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  1. BTW, just because I don't get the answers right away doesn't mean that I'm not having fun....puzzles are there for the challenge...if it were easy, wouldn't be nearly as fun...

    Yeah, what he said!

  2. No... but I'd like to know how you got there....

    No... that's a good movie though. But that last word is the end of the first step. You've got to turn that into something else. Or just stop worrying about it. I think the clue is bad.... -_-

    Relent? NEVER!!!! LOL :P

  3. they are british bands so maybe you americans won't have heard of them. Still its worth a guess if you can figure out some synonyms

    yeah, that's how I got #2, I've never heard of them. But google said they were a band, so... :)

  4. Ok... I give in.... I can't not guess any longer! (I'm so weak... )

    Abusive and exclusive shindig - Fight Club? Not sure about this one

    Looting of a long forgotten ship - Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Bring to an end the second time on the last day - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    You rock! :P

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