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  1. Nikyma

    Did you see my answer for #9?
  2. Nikyma

    Your ipod better have that one.
  3. Nikyma

    Atta boy! Glad you like it.
  4. Nikyma

    Close, but I'm keeping the cigar.
  5. Nikyma

    My apologies, but you've gotta have soul.
  6. Nikyma

    1. slender appendage as well as the lot 2. bracelet containing numskulls 3. As one was introduced to another infant 4. Nocturnal Period exists that which correct epoch 5. chaplin/chan russet 6. yon departs that which is owned neonate 7. Platform in my general area 8. Where the violinist likes to be 9. During the darkest blue measure of time 10. acreage pertaining to kilowaltzes
  7. Nikyma

    Darn it! I thought I was on to something.
  8. Nikyma

    Andromeda, did you see my guess for #5? Post # 13.
  9. Nikyma

    Nice thought, could be right,
  10. Nikyma

    I'll take off the boxing gloves then.
  11. Nikyma

    I'm sure you've been told this before; but since we have an international community on this website, it is considered poor form to point out spelling/grammar errors. Please mind your manners.
  12. Nikyma

    Don't even know where to start. Might need a slightly larger hint.
  13. Nikyma

    Aww man, now I've got to do real thinking!
  14. Nikyma

    I'm gonna try dawg's approach...
  15. Nikyma

    Thanks for another great puzzle PA, even if it did drive me nuts all day.
  16. Nikyma

    Maybe he's more of a blood hound than just a regular dawg? Nice work.
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