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  1. Hard riddle

    The equation TL*BR*9 + TR*2 - BL*52 (where TL = top left digit, BR = bottom right digit, etc.) will give the three known answers. Thus 3*8*9 + 2*2 - 4*52 = 216 + 4 - 208 = 12 4*2*9 + 6*2 - 1*52 = 72 +12 - 52 = 32 2*9*9 + 4*2 - 3*52 = 162 + 8 -156 = 14 But then a total of "30" is not obtained with the unknown ... so I don't know whether that figure was a thumb suck or not! 5*6*9 + 3*2 - 3*52 = 270 + 6 - 104 = 172 Possibly still a valid answer, though.
  2. Help with a grouping logic puzzle...

    I agree that the puzzle as it stands has no solution. This must be Jollysunflora's partial attempt and now he possibly needs help in solving it. Could Jolly perhaps post the original puzzle for us and we can start from scratch? Somewhere along the line a mistake has already been made! RDM
  3. Mega Einstein Riddle

    I wish to post a "zebra puzzle" (hard-grid puzzle or Einstein-type of riddle) with 16 houses and 20 variables. May I do so here? It's never been posted before as I have created this one myself.
  4. Area of a rhombus or kite

    No reply yet? Using basics (Pythagoras, sin or cos rule, etc.) - someone can later spell it out in "calculus"! Basically ...
  5. Integer equation?

    I agree
  6. Mega Einstein Riddle

    I'll soon post my file with the complete riddle: objective, revised clues, classifications, step-by-step solution, and answers
  7. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Big apology - clue 251 should read "The visitor to China (NOT Kenya) does not drive a turquoise car". You should have it now! Congratulations!!! Awfully sorry for the mistake! Wasn't so hard after all, was it? Regards, C Moderator, please make the necessary change in that line of your original text file! Thanks
  8. Mega Einstein Riddle

    @Thalia, your classification of odds and layout is perfect! Excellent work done so far! With regard to the evens, you score exactly 90 % as it stands. There are those question marks from you (car color and occupation), but the other areas to revise would be car make (and one car color), country visited and make a little correction to flowers. To answer your question ... if hamsters were in #1, then 3 houses away would be #7, i.e. 2 houses in between. Well done, you're almost there! I'll submit the full solution (as one of several valid solving orders) once the complete answer is known! Regards, RDM (Chris)
  9. Does the order of robot function remain constant, i.e. Robot 1, Robot 2, Robot 3, Robot 1, Robot 2, Robot 3, Robot 1, ....?
  10. Couple of sequences

    Short-time ... w, t, l, ....
  11. when was I born ?

    Not only the 10 Gregorian days considered, but also traveling across the international date line (E-w or W-E) and incorporating 29 February, You could end up with 12 or 13 (?) days after birth! But the date I'm not going to work out (yet)
  12. sequence 24,60,210,504,1716,2730,...,...

    Maybe a wrong answer, but possibly a valid solution! Two "split" series: (1) 24, 210, 1716 , 4542, ...., and (2) 60, 504, 2730, 6738, ... if we consider two polynomial series: 1st: y = 660x^2 - 1794x + 1158 2nd: y = 891x^2 - 2229x +1398 Far fetched?
  13. sequence 24,60,210,504,1716,2730,...,...

    24, 60, 210, 504, 1716, 2730, 4542, 6738 (??)
  14. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Page 2 seems to be missing!
  15. Mega Einstein Riddle

  16. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Hi Buddyboy, I've changed clue 106 to read like this: "Do-wop and grunge music are listened to in the fifth and sixth houses, but not necessarily in that respective order." Thus, I'm referring to #9 and 11 or #10 and 12 (E-W). Clue 157 specifically states "directly opposite house #5", not the "fifth" house! ["Opposite" meaning across the road or N-S] Regards, C
  17. Mega Einstein Riddle

    See attached suggestion. HINT: Determine all known "odds" and "evens" (either stated or linked, but all of them can certainly be determined). Once you have 8 odds and 8 evens in each category, you ought to know the remaining 8 odds and 8 evens for each. The Zodiac signs, incidentally, will sort themselves out! I'm sure this will help! Grid1.xlsx
  18. Mega Einstein Riddle

    @Buddyboy3000, Did I introduce 2 scroll bars? Not sure what you mean, but you can get rid of that by unfreezing the panes, perhaps?
  19. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Thalia, with reference to clues 113, 201 & 217 .... 113 - above the 5th house (from the left), i.e. above #9 or #10, meaning only #11, #13, #15 OR only #12, #14, #16 (to the right of #9 or #10) 201 - You can have apples in #1/#2 or #15/#16. Risk would then be played in the house furthest away at the other end, i.e. #15/#16 or #1/#2, e.g. apples in #16, then Risk #1 or #2. 217 - It means third house to the left of the Aquarius, e.g. if the Aquarius is in, for instance #13, the sculptor would be in #7. Hope this helps!
  20. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Thalia - correct ... house with magenta car immediately next to house with Aston Martin & house with cyan car immediately next to house with plumber.
  21. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Sorry for your classifications, Thalia, but now I've given everyone the nitty gritty! Chris @bonanova/Thalia ... Is this a difficult puzzle? Could one perhaps make a board game out of it? Chris M
  22. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Category list attached Categories.xlsx
  23. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Thank you for your questions Bonanova. Attached a file with your queries and my answers. Answers to questions 1.docx