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  1. Shouldn't the last entry (for C out) read 114-118?
  2. Need a hint Ed? Plainglazed, there happens to be another sequence similar to the one posted above ... T M O ? 0
  3. Which character should replace the question mark? E I S H ?
  4. Does this question mean finding a function where the arc length (XZ in the figure below) is the same as the area of the segment (shaded), notwithstanding the fact that arc length is in units and segment area in squared units?
  5. Playing with singulars and plurals I arrived at these facts ,,, If the plural of mouse is mice and that of louse is lice, then the plural of house must be hice and the singular of rice must be rouse.
  6. Apology ... last term should read 2765, not 3765! Thus ... 4422, 4142, 3797, 3480, 3205, 2968, 2765, ?
  7. What comes next in this sequence? 4422, 4142, 3797, 3480, 3205, 2968, 3765, ?
  8. Well done Thalia! Here's the solution: [Thank you Captain Ed!] ... and Thalia's alternative solution (before changing clue #4).
  9. Thalia, what would you get if I change clue 4 to ... ?
  10. Seems like I left another mistake in the original OP unattended to. Here's the final clue list. Read carefully and you should get the answer easily now. Sorry for the blunder, guys!
  11. @ Thalia ... 12) Black Q in her own column is correct. "Adjacent" means any of the 8 surrounding squares. One solution!
  12. 8) E-W extreme 16) white pawn is on d6 (not d5) Apology for this mistake! Here's an updated clue list ...
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