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  1. My revised answers sent in previously were not all correct. These should be fine ...
  2. Please ignore previous submission ... nal answer ...
  3. It's a regular pentagon, Oumaima!
  4. First placed in 2007 ... "Best answer" indicated, but not visible!
  5. I thought that, if anyone who still wants to know the answer, it follows below ... Clues by those who knew the answer (or have learned it) were starting to show up all over the place (remorse, S & O, transmitted, Message In A Bottle lyrics at end of verse (SOS repeated) and title of ABBA song (SOS). For people that are still battling with their brain, the characters come from the International Morse Code in ascending order of "dots" or "dashes" Thus ... "SOS" = Originally, SOS did not actually stand for anything (e.g. "Save Our Souls"). It was used since the letters S and O are easy to make and are distinctive.
  6. ... and as the title of one of ABBA's songs too!
  7. Perhaps you've seen this one before, but I've added an extra twist to it! What are the next two entries in this sequence? All credit due to the original designer from whom I've borrowed it (source to be disclosed once question is answered).
  8. Nobody wants to know why?
  9. Both Captain Ed and Thalia have transmitted vital clues in their previous remarks. Eish man, now you ought to get it!
  10. ... this ... (not thus)!
  11. Flamebirde, you're going to kick yourself!
  12. I know, but somebody will perhaps!
  13. I like this fresh approach Ed, but there is actually a very, very simple explanation! Not the order, correct.
  14. I called the original OP an interjection sequence since the word "eish" (pronounced "aysh") incidentally appears in the sequence. It has nothing to do with the solution, however! You can google its meaning.
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