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  1. Hello! I'm designing a game that features a puzzle that is split into 12 pieces. Once you find all 12 pieces, you can begin to solve it. The inspiration for the puzzle comes from the classic board game "Mastermind", though there is probably a more technical term for this kind of puzzle. This puzzle also doesn't provide feedback about near-hits; only direct hits. Players are trying to cure a virus by looking at historical test information to deduce what combination of compounds have 100% effectiveness against the disease. There are <x> amount of compounds, and a compound is only effective if put into the right spot. Example: The final solution has Oxygen must be in slot #1, Methane must be in slot #2, .... etc. Clues to the puzzle would look something like this: Clue #1: L / O / X / M 25% Effective Clue #2: A / O / B / M 50% Effective Clue #3: A / X / B / M 25% Effective Clue #4: A / O / X / M 50% Effective Hopefully from the above information, you could deduce that A belongs in slot #1 and O belongs in slot #2. Here's my ask: I'm looking for someone far more clever than I to help design this puzzle properly. I'm concerned about how to balance it so there is only one solution, and that most (or all) of the 12 clues contribute necessary information. So that's the challenge - is anyone up for it? Thanks in advance, - Anthony
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