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  1. I just spent some time reading existing puzzles. i'm literally in awe of people like bonanova and BMAD also, i feel quite stupid
  2. hi i'm a software developer, writing a small mobile game, professor layton's style. the game is a fun project, NOT commercial, and very small (ten riddles or so). it's basically making fun of a colleague of mine, who is quite illogical, hence a logic puzzles game i've initially started by looking up all the layton puzzles, to reuse them (by using the core puzzle re-adapting it on my background story). but it's theft and at the same time i've discovered this huge underground movement of puzzle people, so I figured i'd ask help (note: I might be asking this same question on other similar forums) i don't need original puzzles. just tips/pointers to puzzles I can reuse with permission, that fits or can be adapted on my story. original authors would have all the credits, citing his name in the app if he wants. but before asking any help i'd like to know if I am breaking any rule on this site (in which case, i'll apologise and disappear) thanks e.
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