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  1. I have a similar experience to several of the commentors. My daughter has ADHD Inattentive Type and for a good portion of her elementary life I thought that she was a bright, but lazy and unmotivated, kid. It took a teacher in one of our ARC meetings telling me that she really didn't believe my daughter was lazy, she just couldn't functionally handle what she was being asked to do. I lightened up on her (because we had tried every consequence known to man--positive and negative--and none of them had worked) and when she got to Middle School we were finally able to get her an IEP that involves a Support Skills class that helps her think through her organization every day, helps her with homework, and helps her make good choices about her work. At home I've adjusted how I've approached it from the mom kid dynamic of "go to your room and do your homework" to being a study buddy. She sits next to me so that when she has a question, I'm available to help her solve it, and I also keep her ...
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