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  1. Bro, it doesn't work like this. Let me teach and educate you why: Ok, so you say that we split the coins into 3 groups: 5, 5 and 2 Then you take the one of the group of 5 coins and: 1. 2 - 2... and you put 1 coin aside. if they are balanced the cf coin will be in other 8 coins 2. You do the same with the second group of 5 coins - if they are balanced the cf coin will be in the remaining 4 coins( 2 you put aside + third group of 2 coins) 3. now how do you find the cf coin in these 4 coins? Tell me, homeboy.
  2. Yea, gotta give this one to D. m(a)r. -Mr. D
  3. OK, i confused. But i put the blame on this article : http://www.livestrong.com/article/343183-the-differences-between-balance-beam-scales-electronic-scales/ ...and not on me... at all. and previous solution was just a typo: Here's the new one: Dont mess with a dog, or you'll get a bark! bark!
  4. Alright, think i got it after fiddling with the unique number values for the letters.
  5. A balance beam scale compares mass not weight. 1. 6 - 6 2. 3 - 3 3. 1 - 1
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