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  1. Well it's been over a year..I hope nobody has hurt their brain thinking about it, you may be a little POed with the answer lol.. Answer.
  2. Have to admit, I've seen this riddle before...here's one of two solutions I'm aware of:
  3. I sorta lost track...are there still some left? Could you highlight them?
  4. well I suppose you could try that, but... Hint.
  5. yup..classic one. Told my wife it about 5 times until she asked "crack the egg, or the floor"..then she got it
  6. Removing one from eleven makes it ten, removing one from nine makes it ten. How is that?
  7. How is it possible to drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
  8. (found a couple riddles on the internet) You find yourself cornered in a jungle with a lion, a jaguar, and a leopard blocking the only path out. You only have 2 bullets left in your gun. How do you get out safely?
  9. Answer... I wouldn't do the deal with anything less than $24.01 in my pocket.
  10. just a wild guess without using much math or science..
  11. for a couple more possibilities..(let me know if I'm too far out of the box)
  12. Tylerj21


    I think I can name 3 songs..based on that, I'll say..
  13. so are you looking for four songs by the same musician??
  14. sounds like my wallet when I go shopping with the wife j/k
  15. depends on what you mean by thrown...
  16. I like Thalia's answer (what I thought at first as well), but if not that, then maybe...
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