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    Pythagorean theorem to find the length of the hexagon's side,then find the area on cm*cm of the hole hexagon then multiply it with the depth,but the one 80cm must be wrong.No triangle can have their hypotenuse equal to the other the other line ,on an 90 degrees triagle
  2. 3x0 milli kilo mega giga terra peta,so T P ?
  3. How you will understand the directions with a clock only?I thought you meant that you will use the clock and the sun to figure it out that;s why i asked,But since sun is a star and it is night ,i cant be Doesnt Sun consider as a star? Well, it's nighttime, so you shouldn't see the Sun. The Sun is a star indeed, and it didn't occur to me the moon is not a star. Supposedly you could d uce the cardinals from the hour and the moon position? I only asked because the person above me said that she would take the clock to use the time of day to figure out the directions,But the sun is a star ,you cant understand the directions ,because prisoners cant read stars.
  4. Doesnt Sun consider as a star?
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