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  1. It appears that there's a general solution for how many barrels/bottles (B) of wine you can test given a number of soldiers (N) and a number of testing time periods (P).

    B = (P + 1)^N.

    If the poison killed in a day and you had 7 days and 3 soldiers, you could test 512 barrels. Cool.


    no the will not kill in a day . it will only kill on the day party start .

  2. 1000 soldier direct to know which one is poison . lower the amount should be 100 soldier.  cause you need find only 1 bottle in accurately we make the table like 100 x100 . after they drink spin the table again . then it will show which one in the end of the day .example No 1 soldier dead and No 52 soldier the bottle will be No .52

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