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  1. For number 3: The answer to this question is called an infinite regression because there is but isn't a definite answer for this. It's just like the Liar Paradox. The question asks that you or a man take on a mission in which he has to not accept the mission and if he would accept the mission. This is the infinite regression answer as follows: (In first person perspective) If I accept the mission, then I am not accepting the mission, but if I am not accepting the mission, then I have already taken the mission, in which I haven't accepted the mission because I have just accepted the mission bu
  2. ur statement seems partially true had the croc's st8ment been like "If you guess, what I will do with him", I will return him so the mother could repeat "if you guess, what will I do with him" and the croc wud return the kid but the quote includes the words " I will return him" so the logic doesnt work I think the mother could say anything to retrieve the chiild since all the croc wants is the mother to "GUESS" he dint say predict the fate or speak the truth or sumthin liek that so the mother could go on and guess anything random related to the child in order to save him I high
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