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  1. Can you find out the English Idioms from these WhatsApp icons? Verify your answers here: http://braintrainingapp.com/blog/brain-card-xxxxi-41/ ...But only after giving it a honest try, here on this forum. Looking forward to your comments. FYI, I only got 10th number, anyone can do better than me.
  2. If the maximul area is 1 for any triangle, then is this equation satisfied: 0<=a<=1<=b<=2<=c<=3? How?
  3. Done. You have just one like? Why don't you start promoting it to your friends before you do it here? Also please check out my Facebook page that is very similar to Sunday Puzzles. https://www.facebook.com/BrainTrainingApp
  4. Also I won't be able to donate anything ... But I will try to learn something from your app for my site and I always have suggestions (annoying habit of mine) but you are looking for suggestions, aren't you ...
  5. Where do I play the game, it was a long page and I coudln't find the link :S
  6. Hi everyone, I have just launched a site that focuses on Brain Training via visual Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Riddles etc. There are multiple games on the platform and more are on their way, you can visit the site here: Brain Training App And please do not forget to play our latest game Multiplication Madness. And lastly, please do visit our blog: www.braintrainingapp.com/blog Any feedback, criticism, praises, suggestions and I am all ears Thanks! Regards, Nuur
  7. nuurhasan

    What Am I?

    How will we get answers now?
  8. The first optical illusion here is wrong: http://brainden.com/visual-illusions.htm.. I measured it (roughly of course) by putting a ruler on screen, they are not equal. Is there another way to "properly" measure it?
  9. I'd say P is 1. Since tails is 1-P, it will be zero (0) - It is logical to assume that on a coin heads and tails would be 1 and 0.
  10. Enhance your IQ, challenge your intellect, all sorts of brain teasers here: Braintrainingapp.com We also have an Android App for one of our games called Multiplication Madness. You can download it from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.epicapps.multiplicationmadness Any feedback suggestion is welcome, just message me
  11. The meaning of this paradox is more philosophical than physical. It is about two people going head to head with identical aptitude, where either won't give an inch and the situation is bound to continue forever. There will never be a victor or a loser, how they can conclude battle is by disengaging from it, not by trying to win it.
  12. nuurhasan

    Math Lover?

    "You have an OCD of things in even numbers" "No I have not... . . . . No I have not."
  13. "Indescribable" is not a quality or a proper adjective. You cannot describe something by saying it is "indescribable" It is the following adjective which determines the nature of "indescribable" quality. E.g this cake is indescribably delicious means it is very delicious. Now try and comprehend the following sentence: The cake is indescribable. You cant comprehend whether the cake is good or bad in taste. The word "indescribable" itself doesn't give you any description and thats what makes this paradox a fail
  14. nuurhasan

    The wish game

    You just dead ended the thread
  15. A suggestion: please allow someone a preview before you ask them to sign up. Almost 70% people leave the page before playing the game if they see an unavoidable signup page, this is experience talking
  16. It seems as if the entire things is revolving. Brilliant.
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