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  1. Thanks Senior Lolcat - unfortunately no, there is no other contextual info behind these setences...any ideas?!
  2. I have the following two sentences that contain 4 variables (W1, W2, W3 and W4) between them. I must figure out what each missing word is, and the only information I have is a range of possible word lengths for each variable: The puzzle (2 sentences): There is a W1 in the W2 W3 is near where the road bends which contains very important items. For W4, the top of the W3 is on the counter. For each variable/missing word, here's what we know about it: W1 is 6-8 characters in length W2 is 3-5 characters in length W3 is 3-5 characters in length W4 is 6-8 characters in length My first inclinat
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