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  1. Practical number problem

    It does, thanks, I appreciate your response. If the teams saw 8 other teams instead of 9, that would be ok, but we cannot put four teams together, it would be too many kids. Thanks again for your insight. I'll go back to the drawing board and try to come up with a schedule that fits these perameters.
  2. Practical number problem

    Hello all! I have a practical problem that has really been bugging me. I do not have the answer. Maybe you can help! I need some help making up a track and field schedule for our athletic conference (SWC). Parameters: 10 teams in the conference 5 weeks of competition (I don't think it is possible with 4 weeks of competition) 1 competition a week, each is either a 2 or 3 team competition(dual or tri) All teams see each other No teams see each other twice Host school rotates so schools have a mix of home and away meets A school can have one bye week if needed Four years of numbers needed See the attachment for a 7-8 team schedule. I cannot figure it out for 10 teams. Thanks and best of luck! SWC Triangulars.pdf