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  1. There are four riddles in this short movie. It's pretty neat! The answers are actually subtly given, but if you're just watching the movie, you may not catch the clue; especially the fourth/final one. If you want to solve the riddles before the answer is subtly posted, here are the spoiler marks so you can pause before it's shown: http://youtu.be/3rMud-J4Cx8 What lives in the corner, but travels the world? Answer: ~29sec Rearrange these seven letters to create a new seven letter word, ASSUAGE. Answer: ~46sec This one asks you to rearrange six matchsticks so that all six touch. There is a mistake in the answer given, so you can solve for both the answer, and also find the teeny tiny "mistake" in the answer that is shown/given. Answer: ~1min 20sec Solve this puzzle: HhAaNnDd. Answer: ~1:57 sec
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