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  1. To die or not to die ...

    Shorten the pole to less than my height
  2. Farmer Templeton's Goat

    Well, these are pretty good answers for the various estimates. I get 274.19467
  3. The goat and the silo

    A goat is tethered to a round silo of radius 10 by a rope of length 100. How much grass can the goat graze?
  4. Concentric circles on steroids

    121.14 seems to be correct. The area eaten by the goat is (29pi)^3/(3*29) +(29pi)^2+pi/2 = 21730.2. The field is x^2*pi=2(21730)+29^2*pi (no grass in the silo area so the radius is a little bigger)