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  1. In Europe, we measure the fuel consumption in litres per 100 km. It is quite convenient because I can easily figure out what a litre is (a little bit less than one and half standard wine bottle) and it is not hard to figure out a distance of 100 km. However, any teacher of physics would point out that volume should be measured in [m3] and distance in [m]. After simplification, I get that fuel consumption should be measured in [m2]. What does it represent?

    In the U.S., the consumption is measured in miles/gallon. Quite convenient, too, just that in the MKSA system, I get [1/m2]. How do you represent that?

  2. If the boy runs toward the train, the train makes a certain distance.

    If the boy runs away from the the train, the train makes the same distance plus the bridge.

    In the second case, the boy ran 1/7th of the bridge more, the train the whole bridge more. So the train is seven times faster than the boy.
  3. Still unsolved... I tried to omit chunks that are contained in other chunks (i.e. TGTGA is there twice and is contained in TGTGACA). I hoped that with the reminder I would be able to build longer chunks. Still too many combinations.

    How is it done in praxis?

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