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  1. no that combo on the door was for the safe, this is for the cementery gate, I tried it and no way of just getting thoses numbers, I got them all but did not work, ugh I have been stuck on this for so long, they need a walkthrough thanks for helping though
  2. it work on the puzzle, not sure what it wants, the green dial on top adds numbers in a row, all four under it, there is no clue as to what you need to find, when you hit the hint button it just says where did you learn math, this game is hard, there is a hint all it says is on screen 64, solve the puzzle to open the gate.
  3. there should be a screen shot under my first post, man this is a hard puzzle
  4. ok did it like you said and did not work still said where did you learn math, ugh....what is the magic number
  5. I made it 41 and it still did not work, all four rings do move but for some reason it did not work, cant figure out why. made this game is sooooo hard the quest for snowhill'x mystery on my kindle fire, no hint other than it say where did you learn math, no skip. I will keep trying your solution thanks so much for your time, man I hope I can get it, been like over a wek
  6. I am playing a game on my kindle fire called the quest for snowhill's mystery. Ok well to get the cementery gate open I need to solve this math wheel puzzle, I am not good at math, and the game gives me no number to find. ok so it have 4 moving rings and each has a different number on them, there is a green pointer at the top wich means I guess that's the four stts you use, the puzzle has four moving rings, with numbers on them, what ever is under the pointer gets added up and show up in the middle, hard to explain, but you can get what I am talking about , right? anyway I just want to know how you solve a puzzle like this, it as the numbers so four sets of numbers under the pointer get added up. how do you solve these?thanks and hope you understand been working on this puzzle for over a week and no skip button
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