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  1. To offset the effect of guessing, true/false tests are often scored by subtracting the number of wrong answers from the number of right answers, with missed out questions not counted. Recently, a 30-item true/false test was scored like this, and Bill, Dot and 6 other students all got the same score, although no two of them answered the same number of questions. All eight belong to at least 2 of the 5 student clubs at their high school, but no two belong to the exactly the same combination of clubs. From the following clues, can you find the full name of each student (one last name is Mills), the clubs they belong to, the number of questions each answered correct and incorrect, and the score they got?

    1. Neither Paul, who is not the Ross boy, nor Ali was the one who had no wrong answers.

    2. No one belongs to both the Hiking and the Stamp club, or to both the Model Railroad and the Chess club.

    3. The four Drama club members answered the largest number of items.

    4. No one had more than 7 incorrect answers.

    5. The Evans kid, who belongs to the Model Railroad Club but not Drama, answered more questions than everyone else who is not a member of the Drama Club.

    6. Grace and the Leroy girl answered fewer items than the other Drama Club members.

    7. Mike and the North girl between them represent all 5 clubs and have no club membership in common; the same is true of Paul and the Fisher youngster.

    8. Of the Drama Club members, the two who also belong to the Model Railroad Club answered more questions than the two who also belong to the Chess Club.

    9. The Clark girl, who answered 20 questions, and Karen, who answered 26, belong to two of the same clubs.

    10. Of those who do not belong to Drama, the two in the Hiking Club answered more items than the two in the Stamp Club.

    11. Joe who answered 28 questions (which was not the most), and the Horn youngster, who answered 18, belong to two of the same clubs.

  2. As part of its community recreation program, Cozy Valley offers ten different activity courses each given once per week. The courses are scheduled two per evening, Monday through Friday, one from 6:00 to 8:00 and the other from 8:00 to 10:00. Each of the five Smith children is enrolled in two of the classes, with no two children taking any of the same courses. From the following clues, can you deduce the two courses each child is taking, as well as when each course is held?

    1. None of the children is taking two classes the same night.

    2. Both Linda and Jane take their two courses before Bob and Rick have either of theirs.

    3. The judo course is held earlier the same evening as Jane takes one of her classes, while the floor-exercise class is the same evening as one of Bob's.

    4. The volleyball, squash, and ballet courses, in that chronological order (but not necessarily consecutively) are held earlier in the week than the karate course.

    5. Bob has his 2 courses on consecutive days; Jane does not.

    6. Pete has one course the same night as the balance-beam class is held and his other course later the same evening as one of Rick's courses.

    7. The floor-exercise class is held earlier in the week than the handball course which is held earlier in the week than table tennis.

    8. Karate is Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00.

    9. Rick takes neither tumbling nor handball.

    10. Squash and table tennis have the same time period on different nights.

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  3. One recent afternoon, Bob, Lois, and three others stood in line for tickets at an airline counter; one of the five was bound for Chicago. From the following clues, can you deduce each traveler's full name (one surname is Girard) and destination, and the order in which they waited in line?

    1. Although not last in line, the passenger for St. Paul stood further back than either Dawes or the passenger for Seattle (which wasn't Jean's destination).

    2. Tom stood farther back than Elkins, but he wasn't last in line.

    3. Alice stood just in front of Mr. Foley and just behind the passenger for Atlanta.

    4. Although not first in line, the passenger for Dallas stood just ahead of Mr. Hall; neither of these two is Tom.

    5. Alice's last name isn't Elkins.

  4. So I was browsing the web, and I found this site (great site btw) and it reminded me of a puzzle by Julie Spence (no idea who she is) I had never been able to figure out, wonder if you guys can do it:

    There were seven babies born at Memorial Hospital one recent night. The night nurse was so busy she did not properly record all the births. Fortunately, from the notes she left, the day nurse was able to correctly identify all the babies. Those notes appear below. Can you determine the names of the babies born, the full names of each of their parents, and in what order the babies were born? The night nurse also noted that there were five single births and one set of twins, that the twins were born consecutively, and that one mother is Betty, one father is Chuck, and one baby is Amy.


    1. The Smith baby, who is not Gary's, was born after baby Andrew, but before Tom's baby.

    2. Mr. Jacobs, Bob, and George were delighted with their new daughters.

    3. When the Wilson's twin girls were born, baby Ann was already 4 hours old, and Mrs. Larson's daughter was even older.

    4. The Miller baby, who is not Jason, was born before Richard (who was born fifth).

    5. Mary, whose husband is not Gary or Mr. Thompson (who are two different men) had a boy.

    6. Trudy named the first twin Jane.

    7. Neither Judy (who is not Mrs. Thompson) nor Carol had girls.

    8. Jim's girl was born right after Jennifer.

    9. Neither Judy's nor Susan's baby was born first.

    10. Bob's baby was born before Ann.

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