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  4. Many More Discursive Judges

    - Two suspects: Jacques & Gilles. It's been proven that one of them is guilty and deserves decapitation, but we do not know which one. - Jacques is guilty if and only if both statements P and Q are true. Otherwise, Gilles gets the guillotine... - There are 9 independent judges and an arbiter (you) who interprets their collective decision with no information about the case. Situation A - 4 judges think P&Q are true - 3 believe only P is true and that Q is false - 2 believe only Q is true and that P is false Situation B - 5 judges think both P&Q are true - 4 judges think P is false and Q is false Situation C - 5 judges think P&Q are true - 2 believe only P is true and that Q is false - 1 believes only Q is true and that P is false - 1 believes that P is false and Q is false What is your verdict for each of these situations? Perhaps this thread needs to move to philosophical banter? Cheers!
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  6. Can Infinity Be Less Than One?

    1/n is basically "one divided into n parts"... using this definition, "one divided into an uncountable number of parts" will be naturally close to zero. I think the jump you made was - infinity is uncountable - 1/2, 1/3, 1/4.... 1/infinity - 1/infinity is uncountable (Why? 1/infinity is clearly defined as zero..but let's say I grant you this even if I do not agree) - infinity is less than zero (Why? just because it is uncountable, it is not infinite ) Cheers!
  7. Berry's Paradox

    Back here after almost 6 years of absence I used to be known as kingofpain, but I lost the password... I still remember discussions with bonanova, so it only made sense that start off replying to him An assumption you make is that all numbers are specifiable. This is not proven. - The list of specifiable numbers with less than 23 syllables is finite. - "The smallest number not specifiable using fewer than 23 syllables" does not exist The conclusion here is that if a number is specifiable, it can be specified with less than 23 syllables. In other words, the list of specifiable numbers is finite. PAradox resolved!