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  1. Can you break my code?

    I really want to see how good of a code i made.. this is the first one i have ever made, and i feel it is pretty decent. but thats just me. The real test is how long it takes someone to break it. All comments on progress are helpfull and appreciated, thanks!
  2. Can you break my code?

    Thank you!
  3. Can you break my code?

    Hello folks, Jumper_0 here... I was wondering if any person here could crack my code? I only just came up with it, and it is the first code I have ever created... I was wondering how good it was! INFO: The piece of information that would travel between the sender and receiver (assuming that the two had conversed about this beforehand, which is what would make the code most useful and secure) which would be vulnerable to being detected or intercepted would be: The code: HAOFVB MWAZNSTHJKAERT QUZR QTDG HGOTVL YCVAASRSJEWQ, IUVGHL HSJN HEOQVZ MGAWNATXJCABRA FSNJ RAADWADS However, if you find your self truly stumped, Here is the code that is might be sent with the message on undesirable circumstances. ~Spoilers ahead ~ ~ ~ ~Spoilers ahead ~ ~ ~ ~Spoilers ahead Yes, you can potentially decode the entire thing with just that code. and that code right there has many many any variations, all of which change the alphabet you use by quite a bit. There are some rules to it, but it is still semi-random.