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  1. @Araver:

    I haven't done anything meaningful yet.


    I disagree with it being "only fitting for Hypo to ask". It is highly relevant for us to know the risks, hence why I asked this in public and not in a PM.

  2. What do ya want to know?




    Also re-reading the op.. I have some questions. I don't know if they have already been asked, but ya have to bear with me, Kika.


    Do the sane roles need to both release the hypochondriac lynch baddies or is it enough with lynching baddies?

    A player that is released from the Asylum leaves the game, right? If the Psychologist targets a baddie with their release, will it say that the action has failed? (That would make it a high-risk spy)

    Is the goodie wincon solely being released? If the two sane players are killed, will the goodies lose and baddies win even if the goodies are in majority? I know what the op says about the wincons, but I want to be 100% clear.


    It feels like the Psychologist would want to avoid releasing people since they have a higher chance of targetting goodies, thus losing a vote, voice and action. On the other hand that will go against their secondary wincon and risk the goodies' wincon. 


    Sorry for edit, but the colour in my question text disappeared.

  3. Host: Asylum Warden: Kikacat123
    Co-host: Deputy Warden: nana77
    1. FreeOwn
    2. Flamebirde - voting for mtamburini
    3. plasmid -DEAD- poisoned by Killers
    4. araver
    5. Marksmanjay
    6. phil1882 - voting for marksmanjay
    7. onetruth voting for mtamburini
    8. Boquise - voting for FreeOwn
    9. Auramyna
    10. Barcallica
    11. mtamburini

  4. How can I argue against random.org!

    When has it ever been wrong!

    Side note is there a way to get notified when there's a new post?

    It is just to get things started, you know. So people can get a good read on their fellow players. 




    I am going to vote on FreeOwn as a welcome vote (even though this is my first game on Brainden).


    I swear if I get N1 NK'd again

    I think most people would swear about it. Do you have a point? :P





    I will be very very very sad. And no one wants to make me sad.

  6. Confirm,


    Is that IRL you, boq?

    marksmanjay is jay gold?


    Yeah. It is a 5 year old picture. Made a thread at a different forum and said that the 100th post decides what my next profile picture is. Some rascal managed to snag the 100th and had dugged this up. I was surprised.


    And nah marksmanjay aint Jay Gold

  7. Roster:
    1. bonanova
    2. Flamebirde
    3. plasmid
    4. araver
    5. Marksmanjay
    6. phil1882
    7. onetruth
    8. Boquise
    9. Auramyna
    10. Barcallica
    77. Nana77

    1. akaslickster

    8 is the number I prefer. Is this a sign? Am I meant to fill an isolation cell? Fate is a thing
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