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  1. What is the value of (m-a)(m-b).............................(m-y)(m-z)
  2. How many sides does a hexagonal pencil have?
  3. Give an A.P of 3 term whose product is a prime number.
  4. Divide 30 into two parts such that their product is a prime number.
  5. Here 40 matches are arranged to form 30 squares ( 16 small , 9 big , 4 bigger and 1 biggest ). Now can you remove 9 matchstick so that no square remain.
  6. Two persons are running towards each other i.e in an opposite directions, at a speed of 10m/s, but their relative speed is 30m/s. Is it possible? How?
  7. The distance between centres of two circles having radius 5 cm each is 10 cm. Suprisingly these two circles don't touch each other. How is this possible?
  8. You have 16 chocolates and you want to share it equally with your three friends. How will you share and how much will each get? (Note : You cannot throw any chocolate away or divide the chocolate in half or one third)
  9. O.K. Sorry for that But when you have understood the question can you find the answers?
  10. Good guess. can you find one more
  11. Take 45 away from 45 and leave 45 as remainder. If you think it is impossible then think once again. Here is one way 987654321 = 45 -123456789 = 45 -------------------------- 864197532 = 45 Using the same system, can you find another way?
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