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  1. mrgabe added an answer to a question I stumbled upon this logic problem   

    Omega, I think that one was:

    3 people (pirates, if you read the same book I did!) get a room at an Inn and each pay $10. The Inn Keeper realizes the room was only $25 and that he overcharged them. He tells the clerk to give $5 back to the people. Seeing that the people wouldn't be able split the change evenly, and given that they weren't expecting the money back any way, the clerk pockets $2 and gives the 3 people $3.

    Each receives $1 back, and one says: sweet! we got the room for $27 (3 x $9). The clerk still has $2 in his pocket.

    The room was $27. The clerk has $2. That's $29.

    Where's the missing $1?
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