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  1. Jungle

    open the door put the elephant in close the door. open the door take the elephant out put the giraffe in close the door. the giraffe cause he's in the fridge. the crocidiles are at the meeting. easy, i've heard it before.
  2. Blonde Jokes

    Three women die in a car crash and end up at the gates of heaven, there are one-hundred stairs leading to the gates and they are at the bottom. One is a brunette, one is a redhead and one is a blonde. They see St. Peter and he says to them, "To get into heaven you have to climb all one-hundred of these stairs without laughing and on step is a joke. The brunette starts climbing and seeing the first joke starts laughing uncontrollably the same happens with the redhead When it was the blondes turn, she was able to get all the way to the 99th step and then starts laughing hysterically St peter says to her, "you were so close to the top, why couldn't you make it." the blonde replied "I finally got the first joke."
  3. Evil Genies

    Granted, it is a phone the size of a house. I wish to be rich.