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  1. The thirteen party kids shall guess each others birth months without telling their own, but each only knew the others by the name tag on their hats. Every participant can make a flag from a drinking straw with card length cut on one end and a selected card from a pack of new deck. Then the flags are collected into a paper cup on the table (see figure). At random each player will be asked of anyone's birth month. Super awesome prizes awaits all if they score 13 points ! How can they win this game?
  2. A cylindrical glass has water half its height Some say it's not full, some say it's not empty. But if Clair the liar mostly tell what 's not right Will she say "it's full" or say "it's empty"?
  3. The reason reason I joined Brainden.com.. to share " Lethal solution" and "Unanswered". My favorites even those are my OPs.
  4. What are the initial numbers of opposing armies?
  5. Correct, they must wear the hat with marker stucked already when going outside their cells. When they are on the yard or mess hall, the act of wearing or taking off the hats or sticking the card on hat can be mistaken as trying to communicate. Lots of suspicious eyes and ears around. It looks like the information they needed must be just on the marked hat alone. There is a clue in the OP.
  6. I dont see what the days of event has to do with the strategy as long as they occur within the week before execution but not on just one day. Say they happened : 1. the death sentence -Sunday 2. warden's clemency announcement and conditions (OP)-Monday 3. plan agreement -Tuesday 4. random schedules of execution - Wednesday 5. card selecting-Thursday 6. wearing of hats-Friday 7. writing the guess list-Saturday 8. escaping or hanging-Sunday (sunrise to sunset)
  7. But that can't be right. It's too simple. I'm probably missing something...? No, it is just unlikely solution..can you give it another go? .
  8. Order of event: 1. the death sentence 2. warden's clemency announcement and conditions (OP) 3. plan agreement 4. random schedules of execution 5. card selecting 6. wearing of hats 7. writing the guess list 8. escaping or hanging (the warden would make the release look like an escape)
  9. Yes,unless the winner wanted to see more voting for him. It violate citizens right to vote.
  10. Yes, everyday next week starting Sunday.
  11. The warden will release the 7 prisoners to be hang on everyday next week if they can mark their hats with a number card from a playing card deck so that anyone may see and guess right the others prisoner's day and time of executions. The cards shall be erected on hat through a small straight cut on top. The schedule will be randomly drawn for everyone. No prisoner must tell his scheduled day (Sun,Mon..Sat) and hour of execution (1:00,2:00,3:00 ... 12:00). Since these prisoners had freed themselves a couple of times on this same prison it should not be hard for them to agree on a plan. What code strategy works for them?
  12. The twenty two inhabitants of El Paso will vote for their favorite poker player as the new Governor.. Four candidates are running for election: 1. Speedy Deal 2. Damon Blinds 3. Heather Raise 4. Clover Call Each voter picks a card from an official deck as a valid ballot..The first one to cast a vote at the precinct place his card on ballot box in front of the tally official. And to cast a vote the others place their card on top of the previous voter's card. If this was a sucessful electoral process.. how did the voters vote?
  13. Consider the weight of the white paints of dots compensates the cavities of dots so that the center of mass is 1/2 height and along the circle center.
  14. A fair die was rounded on its four corners just tangent to top and bottom edges. On a fair throw ..will you bet for "stands" or "toppled" ?
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