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  1. Episode 25 The Lion Turtle & the spirits are looking for it in the 4 elements Summed the Master to study fire Sent a warrior to see earth Let the bender to search water When The Avatar find it in air.. He told the Lion Turtle that he have it. When all the others came back they all declared they have it too. Now the Lion Turtle and the spirits know they had what the 4 elements has But who have it first? hey there guys , your riddles are quite difficult but very nice .its my first post here.thanks
  2. Congratulation to the team work participants that answered this!
  3. I used excel for this.. just divide and multiply easy the w is the first to give answer from twenty= w(ten)(ty)=w(10)(10)=20 thanks CaptainEd and all the solvers..
  4. What is the product for unanswered = ? If letters are factors of equations zero = 0 one = 1 two = 2 three = 3 four = 4 five = 5 six = 6 seven = 7 eight = 8 nine = 9 ten = 10 twelve = 12 fifteen = 15 twenty = 20 thirty = 30 forty = 40 sixty = 60 hundred = 100 thousand = 1000 million = 1000000 billion = 1000000000 note: i got the idea for this puzzle post from X-MAS TREE thread that was unanswered by dtdt..thanks happy holidays!
  5. I can not say no to this one CaptainEd it is so resourceful and using mechanics is cool..using knife and bench and plank.
  6. This is one solution if you have a goldfish in the bowl
  7. if you have estimated half a glass and it weighs more than half the water weight, the additional weight can be water or poison's..thats why the volume must be precisely measured as done here..still that is troublesome.. the glass weight shall be considered too in that case
  8. Your solution is right unless making the machine do its job means using it (in that case reading weight trice). It is resting if nothing is on it. If there is a reading already using once means having a new reading.. Use the scale tray if you would like take them off or place them on the scale
  9. Interesting problem, TSLF! Thanks. Right CatpatinEd in terms of Physics..but say we have a simple chemistry problem and 1:100 x to A ratio is observed..
  10. ========================= _____||||_____ / (_____) \ [____________._] '' '' Pls. use the weighing scale w/ LCD display above, not the beam balance below ============ = ============ || || "=========[ ]=========" ||||'''''''''''||||
  11. On top of a digital weighing scale are four identical glasses, filled with water, weighs A grams each. Then, somehow the poison X was sneaked into one of them with no change in color, odor or volume. \ / \ / \ / \ / \__/ \__/ \__/ \__/ ========================== [4 A + x ] Using the scale once.Can you find out which of the glasses is poisoned?
  12. Hi ,i just joined this awsome place you have .. i like puzzle solutions , thanks
  13. Hey there guys, I also like to solve puzzles/riddles. My online past time is "scape games" with cool puzzles to solve. Exit is the the only way. I hope to learn from you. And contribute to this amazing forum. Thanks Rouie
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