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  1. Classic eggs problem

    Can't believe you guys didn't get that one!
  2. Pole in lake

    The answer is still 48
  3. Captain's Conundrum

    Remember 'only fools and horses' ? Trigger was proud of using the same broom for 14 years, replacing the head eight times and the handle six times Is it the same broom? I don't think so
  4. Giant Jelly

    Yes, i get it now The jelly doesn't evaporate
  5. Triangular sticks

    Yes, your'e right Phil, i didn't think of that either, without working it out it has to be less than 25%
  6. A simple blackjack variant

    You will have no advantage to counting cards if you have got to play to 20/21 or bust If you are counting cards you need to be allowed to 'stick' many times I think what is meant by 'infinite stack of decks' is that many decks get shuffled together (as in the proper casino game, usually six), not one deck after another Therefore which seat you take does not make any difference whatsoever, card counting cannot come into it
  7. A stroll on the Avenue

    WOW, you guys too clever for me but i'm getting there, nice puzzle though
  8. Triangular sticks

    [spoiler spoiler=please use spoilers]100%
  9. 2 Aces

  10. Water lilly

    Too easy, even for me
  11. Trying to solve this...

    sorry, just trying out the spoiler, wasn't sure how it worked
  12. Trying to solve this...

    its a new bar code
  13. Giant Jelly

    It weighs 99 pounds, the jelly doesn't evaporate? Maybe?