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  1. hello, i was wondering if any of you can help me figure this out. I'm playing a game of rock-paper-scissors against a computer. My goal is to win 15 times in a row. Let's say that the computer picks rock/paper/scissors in a completely random way; it doesn't use a pattern nor does it have AI. My question is, if I were to play against the computer non-stop until i meet my goal (or i die), which approach would have the best chance of getting 15 wins in a row? A. Keep playing ROCK all the way. B. Using a pattern i.e. ROCK -> PAPER -> ROCK -> SCISSORS -> PAPER -> SCISSORS
  2. whoops! 4got to check-up on this, been busy..... anyway here now! Theres a problem with this solution: About CaptainEd's proposed modified competition; we can't/shouldn't alter the test in any way, its part of the brainteaser. About the strength of the wizard's poison: All i can say, because it's all I know is: Wizard's strongest poison will always be weaker than witch's strongest poison. Wizard's weakest poison will always be stronger than witch's weakest poison. By how much? we don't really know exactly but the difference should be big. Yoruichi's answer is close, i
  3. this my friend is a riddle for another day
  4. We have been using water to keep things simple but the witch and wizard would actually use something that looked like poison but are actually placebos (the King doesnt know what the real poison should taste like anyway) so the king would not know this unless he tests them, the placebos, himself. What the king would see was the wizard dying and the witch surviving; suddenly the witch goes all whoozy and whips out another bottle and saves herself from dying. Right away CT knows something is amiss. He would then figure out that the two had been more concerned for their own lives than his safe
  5. Lets say that the cruel tyrant king would be very upset when witch suddenly whips out another bottle, when it looks like she was gonna die. After all the task was to make the king the strongest poison, whats the deal with hiding a bottle of obviously stronger poison from him? P.S. If you were afflicted with a weak variant of the poison, symptoms may take longer to manifest; it also takes longer to kill you though.
  6. This solution is correct and is in fact the simplest solution! let's kick it up a bit then! I thought so too the first two poisons will cancel eachother out leaving the third poison unchecked P.S. The poison's effects are not invisible, I mean you dont just drop dead you feel something so you know you've been poisoned
  7. This one is quite old, I'm posting it because I've enjoyed it immensely and want to share to those who might not have seen it yet, and to see if anyone would present new and innovative solutions. Here we go: A long time ago a cruel tyrant ruled over a kingdom. One day the tyrant king heard rumors of the development of a new deadly poison in his kingdom. The rumors say that this poison comes in different potencies, the stronger ones can kill in mere minutes while the weaker ones may take some more time to take effect. Apparently the only antidote to this poison is a more potent version o
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